Three guys at the VCU Brandcenter thought this was a cool idea. The cool thing about having a cool idea at the Brandcenter is you’ve got people around you that can make cool ideas happen.

Welcome to AgencyFight.

It’s where Agencies Fight. It’s heads-up comparisons. Winning or losing comes down to a click.
No politics, no schmoozing, no whining.

Schuyler Hunt hails from New Jersey. Shut up. That's not funny. He loves his Chipotle, kicking ass, and finding gold. He's also standing outside of your office wearing a trenchcoat and holding up a boom box.

David Sloan is from North Carolina, the greatest state ever invented. He has a southern accent. It's charming. Currently he's working on turning all his blinks into double winks. Also, he's really good at Tetris.

Billy Veasey is from Delaware where he Hi-Fived George Washington after he crossed the great Delaware River leaving New Jersey never to return. He loves animated GIFs, laser beams, and his mother's corn beef hash.


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